Nautical Sciences

Before you start

Decided to go for it? Welcome aboard (that's the last pun, promise). To ensure that the start goes smoothly, it is best to arrange these points in advance. Feel free to contact the student administration if you have any questions. We are very happy to help you.

Tuition fees

Registration at the Antwerp Maritime Academy costs 961.90 euros for a program of 60 credits. This also includes the examination fee, so it is the total amount that you have to pay per academic year.

  • Are you claiming a scholarship? Then you can email the proof of grant award to Then we will refund the difference. Check for the regulations and the online application form.
  • Are you stopping your studies prematurely? (Really? Can't we convince you to bite the bullet?) Then you will get the tuition fee back after a written request before the start of the academic year. Beware: that is a hard deadline. After the start of the academic year, nothing can be refunded.

> non-financial student (e.g. students from outside the EEA): EUR 9,500