Those who are over 200 years old have seen the world change. We take you through the milestones of our college.


Name change to Antwerp Maritime Academy

The Higher Maritime Academy chooses a new name and becomes the Antwerp Maritime Academy. The choice for Antwerp Maritime Academy emphasizes three unique characteristics of the college. As Antwerp University College we are situated in the maritime heart of Belgium and Europe. We form the link between the city and one of the largest ports in the world. In addition, we put our maritime expertise at the center. Most of our graduates go on to sail but often opt for a managerial position ashore after a few years. The term 'maritime' does not cover the full scope of our study, the possibilities of the degree you obtain here reach much further and guarantee you a rock-solid maritime career. That is why we also want to emphasize our academic character. The Bachelor and Master programs at Antwerp Maritime Academy consist of a wide range of subjects. In addition to a solid foundation of maritime subjects, mathematics and physics, students are equally immersed in fields such as psychology, economics, engineering, communication and medicine. Everything the students learn in the curriculum is necessary for them to make vital choices on board the world's most innovative ships and to cope with all kinds of problems.


Internship on board large sailing ships

We are reintroducing the tradition of internships aboard large sailing ships, to the great satisfaction of our students. The traineeship weeks with the Polish sailing ship Dar Młodzieży are an annual success.


Obtaining quality certificates

We implement the international regulations and quality standards of the IMO (STCW), and one year later we are one of the first colleges to obtain the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000.


New course in Nautical Sciences

The Nautical Sciences programme will be set up on an academic level (candidatures and licences). It will be the start of a further professionalisation of the educational activities.


Mercator taken out of service

The school ship "Mercator" is taken out of service. From now on, we will temporarily use smaller ships at home or abroad for internships.

De Mercator, het laatste opleidingsschip van de HZS, werd in 1961 uit de vaart genomen.


Occupation of new school building

Occupation of the new school building by the German army in 1944. During the war years, lessons were given at the Italiëlei, where the sailors' house "Stella Maris" is now located. It was not until 1948 that the school returned to the Noordkasteel.


Start of the "Naming" exercise

At the beginning of each academic year, the doctorate in Nautical Sciences is given the name of a deserving personality from the maritime world during a ceremony. From 1997 onwards, this is also done for the doctorate in Naval Engineering.


Re-establishment of the Higher Nautical College

The Higher Nautical College is re-established, but this time under Belgian rule. The start of a new episode in maritime higher education in our country.


Foundation of the Higher Nautical College

During the French period, under the reign of Napoleon, a nautical college was founded in Antwerp. The school is located in the Handelsbeurs until 1814.

Oprichting Hogere Zeevaartschool