Go for a maritime life

The world dances to the rhythm of the great sea routes. World trade, geopolitics, ecological challenges: they cannot do without the maritime sector. At the Antwerp Maritime Academy we prepare you for a fantastic career in that sector. Not only do you study here at a high-tech and international top school, you also study in Antwerp – the beating heart of seafaring Belgium.
On board

Yes, but should I go sailing?

Why not? As a captain of thirty years, you run your own company, but at sea, without a helpline. That is a unique experience. But if you really don't want it, you don't have to. The time of the obligatory 'long circumnavigation' is long gone.

It's high time we got rid of the clichés. Indeed, the maritime sector includes careers in which you spend four weeks to three months at sea. And those careers are incredibly exciting and exciting and enriching. But ships are ultramodern today, crews are very international and of course you just have FaceTime on board. You also have more than just ocean giants: dredgers, inland shipping, towage, ...

Prefer ashore? Sure thing. Even then, your own ambition is the only brake on what you can achieve. Because that life is also full of variety: international contacts, short terms, large budgets, high-impact projects, ... Feel free to do a little research and check the background of everyone who plays a role in the Belgian maritime sector. Bet they ever wore our uniform?

Discover maritime life

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Your studies are already part of your new life

A maritime career offers endless perspectives. Which is guaranteed in all these options: you work in an international environment, you alternate sailing with long vacations and are appropriately rewarded for this.

The practice


Waterways are of course common good and so the government also talks a bit about maritime. Pilotage, rescue at sea, shipping police, hydrography, waterway marking, ... are all government tasks that beg for excellent employees.

On board

What a network

Those who graduate here do not only have a diploma in their hands. You are also part of a strong network of maritime companies and service providers where your diploma opens doors. Here, but also abroad. That is a priceless advantage that will pay off for a lifetime.

Dr. Rowan Van Schaeren ~

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