About us

Antwerp Maritime Academy (Hogere Zeevaartschool - HZS) is an international top school in the heart of Europe's maritime capital: Antwerp. For over two hundred years, we have been the Belgian reference for training in the maritime sector, and today we are more relevant than ever in an increasingly globalised world. We offer modern and future-oriented courses that prepare you for a career in the wheelhouse of our society - on board a ship or ashore.

Campus Noordkasteel

We think that our campus in the Scheldt curve is the best in Antwerp. The view is magnificent and the distance to partner companies (and the city centre) very short. Next academic year, the listed main building will be fitted with an ultramodern brother, to make lessons and practical labs even more comfortable.

Also ultramodern are our simulators for practising complex shipping manoeuvres or communication at sea, and our didactic methods for teaching you the necessary knowledge. By the way, these are taught by teachers with a head full of knowledge and a belly full of love for the sector. And what they don't tell you, you will undoubtedly find in the extensive library.



History in pictures

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  • Labo elektriciteit
  • Les safety op de vijver
  • studenten in de Argo
  • Polaris simulator

Organisational Chart


General Manager: Dr. Rowan Van Schaeren


  • Head of education: Remke Willemen
  • Faculty coordinator Nautical Engineering: Klaas De Hert
  • Faculty coordinator Marine Engineering: Pascal Bouquet  
  • Faculty coordinator Science: Deirdre Luyckx


  • Head of Research: Geert Potters

Training & Consultancy

  • Head of T&C: Christel Peeters

Supporting services

  • Head of support services: Rebecca Van Rie
  • Student Administration: Charlotte De Maegd, Sabine Muylle
  • Student counselling: Sylvia Adriaenssens; Isabelle Dekkers
  • Librarian: Han Jacobs
  • Communication and student acquisition: Gersom Brussaard
  • Internationalisation: Olivier Schalm
  • Hydrography: Axel Annaert
  • Quality assurance: Helen Verstraelen
  • Teaching and educational innovation: Ilse Bogaert
  • Science communication: Ilse Bogaert
  • ICT: Safwan Alasfahany, Ken Driessens, Peter Bueken
  • Infrastructure: Stefaan Bueken

Boards and committees

  • Chairman Supervisory Board: Peter Raes

  • Chairman Executive Council: Peter Raes

  • Chairman Committee Education and Educational Renewal (COO): Rowan Van Schaeren

  • Chairman Committee Scientific Research (CWO): Rowan Van Schaeren

  • Chairman University College Negotiation Committee (HOC): Rowan Van Schaeren

  • Chairman Steering Council IVH (Institute for Hydrography): Philippe De Maeyer

  • Chairman Student Council: Maxence Malchair


The Antwerp Maritime Academy is authorised to receive exempted donations.

Thanks to your financial support, the HZS can continue to invest in high-quality education and carry on its pioneering research. And the unique heritage of the Hogere Zeevaartschool will be preserved.

To this end, HZS appeals to the loyalty of its alumni, companies and everyone who cares about the college and nautical education.


Contact person

Rebecca Van Rie
Head of Accounting and Personnel
tel. 03-205 64 31


Gender Equality Plan

Meldpunt unierecht

What a network

Those who graduate here do not only have a diploma in their hands. You are also part of a strong network of maritime companies and service providers where your diploma opens doors. Here, but also abroad. That is a priceless advantage that will pay off for a lifetime.

Dr. Rowan Van Schaeren ~

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