Nautical Sciences

Before you start

Decided to go for it? Welcome aboard (that's the last pun, promise). To ensure that the start goes smoothly, it is best to arrange these points in advance. Feel free to contact the student administration if you have any questions. We are very happy to help you.

Mathematics bridging course

If you've already browsed through the lesson packages, you know that we'll be firing a lot of math and science at you in the coming years. To ensure that you are up to date with the new curriculum from day one, we recommend that you take our entry-level mathematics course before the start of the academic year. In this way you repeat the theory and the exercises of the most important themes from the last two years of secondary education.


Follow the online bridging course >

Deze cursus wordt aangeboden in de vorm van een PDF-document. (Het beste resultaat krijg je door het bestand te openen Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Dit programma kan je downloaden bij Adobe.)

Volg de online brugcursus

Om je een idee te geven van de veronderstelde wiskundekennis vind je een overzicht in volgend document.

Toelichting bij de wiskunde aan onze hogeschool