Nautical Sciences

Before you start

Decided to go for it? Welcome aboard (that's the last pun, promise). To ensure that the start goes smoothly, it is best to arrange these points in advance. Feel free to contact the student administration if you have any questions. We are very happy to help you.

Medical examination

Before the start of the internships on board, you must undergo a medical examination. We advise you not to wait until the last minute, but to arrange this before the start of the academic year.

  • During the first medical examination, your options for a full career on board will also be examined. If a condition does not allow this, we will discuss this with you.
  • If you are not medically suitable for sailing, you can still do an internship as a student on board, but your internship will only be recognized as sailing time if you are medically suitable for sailing upon graduation.

Make an appointment for your medical check-up at the medical center of the merchant navy: Mediport via