Nautical Sciences

Structure study

In the past, all our masters in nautical sciences became captains. That's still the smartest choice after your master's degree – at least for a while. As a captain of thirty years, you run your own company, but at sea, without a helpline. That is a unique experience. No sea legs? Then you don't have to sail. The time of the obligatory 'long circumnavigation' is long gone. And the opportunities for Nautical Scientists ashore are also phenomenal.

3rd Bachelor

In the third year, you further expand the knowledge and practice from the first and second year.

Courses 3ᵉ Bachelor

Navigation 8 SP
Regulation of maritime traffic 3 and maneuvers 2 3 SP
Meteorology 2 and oceanography 3 SP
Ship's exploitation 1 3 SP
Technique of the ship 3 3 SP
Basic tanker training (Oil, Gas, Chem en IGF) 3 SP
Stability  3 4 SP
Propulsion 1 3 SP
Bachelor's thesis and scientific research methodology 5 SP
Maritime economy 3 SP
Law of the Sea – Basics 3 SP
Maritime English 3 3 SP
Maritime medicine* 4 SP

Internship in a hospital

Elective courses 9 credits

General and intercultural communication 3 SP
Maritime Spanish 3 SP
Fast rescue boat 3 SP
Dredging 3 SP
Informatics in a maritime context 3 SP
Introduction into hydrography 3 SP


  • Advanced Fire Fighting + Tanker Fire Fighting

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