Erasmus +


How to apply

How to apply & application forms

Step 1 - E-mail

Your home institution's International Office informs the Antwerp Maritime Academy's Co-ordinator International Relations ( about your Erasmus + selection.

Step 2 - Erasmus Application Form

Please complete, scan and send the form below to

Step 3: Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records

The learning agreement between the student and the two institutions (home and host institution) must be finalised before the student leaves his/her home country. This document describes the proposed study-abroad programme. A copy of the signed document must be received by all three parties before the period abroad. Should revisions be made, these must be formally approved by all three parties, otherwise full academic recognition cannot be guaranteed.

Please complete, sign, scan and send the form below to Please consult the guidelines before completing your Learning Agreement.

Step 4 – Changes to Learning Agreement

Should there be any changes to the Learning Agreement after your arrival in Antwerp, you should notify the Co-ordinator International Relations of the Antwerp Maritime Academy within a month of arrival at the academy.

Step 5 - During your stay

Enjoy your study period and your stay in Antwerp; do not hesitate to contact the Co-ordinator International Relations if a problem arises!


Step 6 – Results at the Antwerp Maritime Academy

At the end of the academic year (proclamation day), your results at the Antwerp Maritime Academy will be sent to you and to the International Office of your home institution.