Students visit to London

IMO 2023

On 1 and 2 March 2023, AMA resumed its yearly visit to London after a break of three years. We were delighted to be back! This time there were 30 in the AMA group, three members of staff (Alison Noble, Marieke Uten and Kathy Speelman) and 27 students from both Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering. 

The programme included the customary visit to International Maritime Organization (IMO), where this time we had the honour of meeting and speaking with Dr Heike Deggim, Director of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). Following lunch with spectacular views in the IMO restaurant, we headed up to Tower Hill where guides from Trinity House (Seafarers Charity and Lighthouse Association) took us to the Merchant Marine memorial and other maritime-related monuments. On day two of the visit, we caught the river bus to Greenwich for a guided tour of the highlights of the National Maritime Museum.

Visiting the IMO and maritime London offers both students and staff a chance to understand the context in which a seafaring profession unfolds and to discover the myriad of job opportunities which the sector offers, not least at IMO itself.

We are already looking forward to the 2024 visit!

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